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Antiques and Collectables

The specialised auctions will be five times per year and will stock an eclectic mix of fine art, glass, porcelain and jewellery. There will also be quirky and collectible items such as sporting memorabilia, games, stamp collections and much more. Our in house experts have a fine eye for spotting rare and valuable items, and it is these that are kept to one side for the next Specialised Sale. These take place in our very own auction house, with advance bids taken online, attracting audiences and bids from across the world.

To follow the auction live, please visit the Saleroom: Go to Saleroom Website now
Please note, we will only take advance bidding on our website.

The next auction of this type is on: 28th January 2017, you can leave advanced bids here

Types of items which appear in our specialised auction:

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An item is technically classified as an Antique because of its age, quality and collectability, usually at least 100 years old, although this is debatable nowadays with a lot of collectable items coming from the 20th century. An Antiquity, however, is a term that refers to items from ancient times, particularly pre-Middle-Ages (before the 5th Century).