Antique furniture is considered a form of decorative art that is appreciated for both practical and artistic reasons. Most consumers looking for antique furniture are collectors of period pieces that they require and care for long term.

There is an abundance of antique furniture on the market consisting of different designs, ages and styles. Furniture that is most popular is American, European (English in particular) and Asian. Each category of furniture contains historic periods and stylistic movements that collectors are on the lookout for.

In 2008 we suffered an economic crisis that had quite an impact on the antique furniture market. Museum quality furniture is of less interest than the art market based on commercial, personal and cultural influences. Furniture prices are therefore lower than they would have been, however exceptional collector’s pieces can still sell for large amounts of money.

The furniture market changes every 30 years or so based on the changing generations of new buyers. This means that furniture types fluctuate over time due to the shifting tastes of buyers and consumer demand.