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The history of auctions

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What is an auction? An auction is a practice of buying and selling goods or services. This is done by offering them up for bid, taking bids and selling them to the highest bidder. These take place in auction houses all over the world. 

We have a blog!

Featonby’s have just launched their own blog- check back regularly for news about the Auction house and Special Antique Sales coming up. 

Antique auctions at Featonbys

The specialised auctions will be five times per year and will stock an eclectic mix of fine art, glass, porcelain and jewellery. There will also be quirky and collectible items such as sporting memorabilia, games, stamp collections and much more. Our in house experts have a fine eye for spotting rare and valuable items, and it is these that are kept to … Continue reading "Antique auctions at Featonbys"