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Featonby’s offer a wide range of services, that you may not expect. Whilst we are an auction house at heart, we can also help to support house clearances and collections where you might not be able to get the items to us yourself.

This comes in useful for bigger, bulky items, such as kitchen appliances and or furniture, or even large heavy boxes.

A house clearance ensures that the items are removed from the home and that they are sold for the best possible price. Featonby’s will sell all that they can including furniture, paintings, crockery, antiques, collectables and much more.

House Clearances- ANY DAY aside from Thursday
Drop off Items- ANY DAY aside from Thursday

It is preferred that for collections of lots of small items, such as ornaments, dishes, bric-a-brac etc. that this is boxed up and ready for collection. If you do not have boxes to hand, boxes can be purchased from R&R. If you wish to have your items valued before they are taken away, we can also provide this service.

Our staff are professional and friendly, and are able to come to your premises to collect items. The following services are available for house clearances:

  • Full and partial house clearances, sometime only one or two rooms may need clearing
  • The disposal of none saleable items- we can remove and dispose of unwanted furniture / itemsfor your convenience, for example if you do not have the transport or resource to take them to landfill yourself
  • The option to have your home cleaned by our cleansing team. This is particularly useful for house sales, to ensure that the property is ready to go on the market, saving you time and hassle
  • Garden tidy ups for overgrown gardens needing a little TLC



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