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5 Reasons to Attend Local Fine Art Auctions

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Collecting art is not only a pastime art lovers themselves enjoy – although there’s no denying it offers benefits galore for those who are self-confessed fine art fanatics. Winning bidders can display their very own piece of creative history in pride of place within their homes – entertaining and delighting guests who can feast their eyes upon the work in question.

Whether you’re new to the world of auctions or find yourself regularly bidding on the next piece to add to your ever-growing collection, the feeling of buying a piece at art auction houses never loses its appeal.

In today’s post, we’re breaking down five reasons art enthusiasts and newbies alike should buy pieces of art at auction – making sure you’re left itching to go out to your next art auction with a new appreciation for different types of fine art.

A wide variety of pieces to choose from

Perhaps the greatest reason to attend local fine art auctions is the sheer amount of pieces an auction has to offer. Because the majority of decision-making relies on the quality of a piece, having a large quantity of art to choose from allows bidders to recognise what they like versus what they don’t. For example, in a photography auction, having a huge range of photographs to choose from gives you the opportunity to pick out a photo that suits your tastes amongst a sea of unique styles, subjects and sizes.

Opportunities to discover new styles

Similarly, where a large quantity of art emphasises how much you like a particular style, it also has the ability to change your opinions about a style you previously thought you weren’t a fan of. We suggest hanging around different lots during the day in order to broaden your artistic appreciation. Who knows? You could end up picking up some special pieces at a modernart auction after only originally planning to make a trip to the vintage poster auction.

Pieces to suit all tastes

Collection of framed bird paintings on grey wallNonetheless, fine art auctions are still a great way to fall in love again with the styles you fell for years before, as there are always treasures for an art lover to discover. Specifically in relation to art, there’s a common misconception that auctions only show pieces that hold historic value. While auctions do often sell older, vintage pieces, they also provide a great way to explore more contemporary pieces of art. So, whether it’s a painting auction filled with vividly coloured pieces you’re after, or smaller, sketched fine art drawings speak to you more, art auctions always have something to suit absolutely all tastes.

The chance to own a unique piece of art

Possibly the most exciting reason to visit an art auction is the original art you’ll find for sale. Not only does an auction give you the opportunity to discover new artists, but it also gives you the chance to own an original piece of art that will make all your fellow collectors envious! There really is no greater feeling than being able to appreciate a piece of art in your own home which you know has been handled and created by the artist themselves – just another reason buying from an auction is a more personal and rewarding way to grow your art collection.

The thrill of buying a piece of creative history

Art and history go hand in hand. Helping you find a piece of art that has the ability to transport you to another world, whether it resonates with you personally or not, is something that only an art auction has the ability to do. Whether it’s vintage prints that remind you of the once peaceful coastline you grew up beside, or paintings by historic artists you admire, the thrill of finding a slice of history in a piece of art at an auction is an experience not to be missed.

If you’ve been inspired by our breakdown of reasons to visit a local art auction and want to find out more, contact our friendly team today to found out when your next chance to visit one of our exciting auctions could be.

Just recently we sold an Edward Seago for a whopping £18,200 – so we know a thing or two about selling art at auction! Take a look at the Chronicle feature that went up last month about it:

auction house newspaper article - art sale Edward Seago

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