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Football Memorabilia: Take Home a Piece of Sporting History

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World Cup trophy

After Sunday’s result, it’s finally starting to sink in that the football is not coming home after all. But that isn’t to say, however, that you can’t take a piece of football home with you from one of our North East auctions.

You can probably remember your first ever football match – hand in hand with your dad as he lead you to the stadium doors, watching small figures in the distance chasing a football into the back of the net and, since then, you’ve been hooked. You’ve probably cried more at the result of a football game than you have about most other things, your voice has most likely been lost in a sea of voices singing chants for your team, and the corners of your lips will have ached from the pride of winning that dreaded derby. While no-one can take those wonderful memories away from you, being able to cherish them forever in the form of a piece of memorabilia from that day is an opportunity not to be missed.

In today’s post, we’re talking sports memorabilia auctions and the many different items you can pick up at sports auctions that not only become valuable collectors’ items, but transport you to one of the happiest, most memorable days in your life.


Were you sat in the crowd when your team won The Premier League or watched on as the man who would go on to be a national hero made his football debut in your team’s colours? More often than not, the tickets to such events are lost and only the memories survive. Winning back a ticket from that wonderful day gives you the opportunity to relive it all over again, by reminding you that it was real – without having to pinch yourself.


Being able to put on a shirt worn by a football legend, or the boots one of the players for your team wore when he scored the goal that won a match is a feeling like no other. When bidding on football memorabilia at an auction, you and your fellow supporters can witness first hand a small piece of history by winning an item of kit worn by either someone you admire, or at an event you haven’t forgotten.


If you weren’t lucky enough to secure an autograph from your favourite player while he was in his prime (and you were probably in your teens), then attending a sports auction is a great way to give something back to your inner child. Not only are standard paper-based autographs sold at auction, but they are often entered into auction written on other, collectible items and objects – like a game-winning football or piece of kit.

Sometimes found on football seats, other times on posters and programmes, knowing that your footballing hero wrote his name on something that you now own in your house reminds you of the games he played that you still re-play in your head, time and time again

football stadium with crowd waving flags

If we’ve learnt anything from the 2018 World Cup it’s how important football is to creating a united sense of pride and excitement in our nation. So, why not come along to one of our North East auctions? Mackem or magpie, there’s a piece of sporting history for everyone!

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