Pristine condition Austin Healey up for auction at Featonby’s

Austin Healey 100/6 B4
Austin Healey 100/6 B4

It’s particularly rare that an Austin Healey comes up for auction!

The owner has decided to part with the lovingly restored Austin Healey 100/6 B4 model and Featonby’s has been given the honour to auction this  classic car, that’s in pristine condition, on Sunday 28th February 2021.

John Stranger-Leathes, Chairman of the Northumbria division of the Austin Healy Club and expert, carried out an independent valuation on the vehicle;

“This is a remarkable opportunity for someone to acquire this rare and meticulously no expense spared restored Austin Healey.

Having carried out a thorough inspection on the car I can confirm that it was in excellent order in every respect.

Where there are common issues around rust on these types of vehicles, usually found between the inner wings and panels, I had found that this particular model had been restored perfectly, with no evidence of corrosion.”

John bought his own much-loved Austin Healey in 1970 for £640, which is now worth £75,000. He goes on to tell us;

“This is a great passion of mine, which has led me to become chairman of the Austin Healey Club Northern Centre where we have over 30 members who meet monthly.”

Mark Lane head auctioneer and one of the partners at Featonby’s explains;

“Having the opportunity to auction such a rare classic car is fantastic for us.

We have launched an exclusive auction that we hold the last Sunday of every month, which features higher value and rarer to market items.

We’re ecstatic and feel extremely privileged to be chosen by the seller to auction off the car and we’re really looking forward to matching it with its new owner.”

To register interest in the auction go to:

Austin Healey 100/6

This is a rare Longbridge that was built in 1957. It has undergone a meticulous, no expense spared restoration. It is the BN4 model, which is the two plus two version with a 2963cc engine.

The car was originally registered in Holland but has now been converted to right hand drive.


    • The car has had all parts removed down to the bare chassis, which was stripped to bare metal, treated for rust prevention and repainted.
    • All of the removed parts where either repaired, restored or replaced as new.


    • The engine gearbox and overdrive have been overhauled.
    • Engine has been modified to run on unleaded petrol.
    • Breaking system was upgraded to 3000 spec.
    • The front disc brakes have been replaced with servo dual master cylinder.
    • It has all new brake pipes and fittings.
    • A new clutch and complete exhaust system.


    • Refinished with new red carpets and trim.
    • New red leather seats.


    • All new tyres.
    • New black hood.
    • New chrome bumpers and chrome trim.
    • The front section of the front aluminium shroud has been replaced.
    • New aluminium wings and doors.
    • The bodywork has been refinished in Old English White cellulose paint, as original.
    • Since the completion of the restoration, although exempt but for peace of mind, the car was put through an MOT and has only been driven 118 miles.

The car has been in dry storage.


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