A Passion for Porcelain


Lladró - A Passion For Porcelain

Looking to get your hands on gorgeous vintage ceramics for your home, or cash in on a historic Spanish figurine you own? At Featonby’s, we’ve helped customers buy and sell Lladró ornaments for a deserving price – and it’s not hard to see why these one-of-a-kind collectibles are eternally in such high demand.


Lladró - A Passion For Porcelain


The Lladró Company was founded in 1953 by three brothers who produced vases and jugs, with the business starting its life in Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, in Spain. In 1956, the brothers began to produce the now-seminal Lladró figurines and sculptures which they’re most popularly known for today.


Lladró - A Passion For Porcelain


In the late 1950s, Lladró devised a new firing technique that enabled the figurines to be processed using a single layer infused with pastel tones, rather than three. In 1970, the company introduced a new material knows as ‘gres’ – a ceramic paste made from natural clays, which is used in their larger figurines. Gres gives the figurines an earthy colour and matte finish that collectors are familiar with – meaning this is one of the defining characteristics that make Lladró ornaments so unique and valuable.

Whether you’re on the hunt for Lladró figurines for sale or you can’t wait to see what price yours will fetch, look no further than Featonby’s auction house.


Lladró - A Passion For Porcelain


We are currently accepting consignments which will be offered in our upcoming Lladró Sales

Click here to find out more about selling with Featonbys: https://featonbys.co.uk/selling/

These special sales will feature a wonderful collection of Lladró finest porcelain art creations.

Please call Featonbys on 0191 2522601 or email us enquiries@featonbys.co.uk if you wish to consign your Lladró for auction.

Please ask us for the date of our next Lladró sale.  

Lladró - A Passion For Porcelain

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