6 Collectible Items that Increase in Value Over Time

Part of the thrill of the auction house is bidding on items that you know you can sell on for a big profit a few years down the line. Grabbing yourself a bargain collectible that will increase in value is a tricky game to play, but one that has the potential to reap large rewards in the future. In this post, we’ll list six types of collectible investments that you’ll do well to keep your eyes out for – from the obvious to the slightly bizarre…


man digging through crate of vinyl

Rare vinyl records

Vinyl has seen somewhat of a boom in popularity in the last few years, despite a general decline in physical music sales. However, modern pressings are unlikely to be sold for a windfall, so your best bet is to look for first editions of classic albums and singles. For example, a mint condition copy of the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen can sell for as much as £8,000!

Mint condition records always sell for more, so if there’s a few factory-sealed records sitting unused in your loft, it might be wise to have them valued by an expert.


You might have seen long queues outside fashionable shoe retailers – or even people sleeping overnight outside – all to buy the latest sneakers designed by musicians such as Kanye West. These can be sold on for eye-watering profits by resellers, making them some of the most expensive collectibles for sneaker fans out there. Vintage pieces such as classic Nike Air Jordans can be sold for huge sums under the gavel, so keep an eye out for shoes like these that might be worth a whole lot of money now – as it’s likely they’ll be worth even more in a decade or so!

Board games

Board games can be one of the best collectibles to invest in, provided you get the timing right. Limited editions of Monopoly can be worth a lot of money, as well as some fantastically complex games such as ‘The Campaign For North Africa’, which is worth hundreds of pounds due to its ten-foot wide game board and three-volume rulebook – as well as its 1500 hours of playing time. Certainly unique!

Football shirts

Vintage and retro football shirts are one of many popular collectibles that are gaining in value, especially since they are very fashionable at the moment. Match-worn shirts are the holy grail, with classic shirts worn by top old-school players like Clarence Seedorf and David Platt fetching prices in the thousands. So, if you have an old match worn shirt hidden somewhere in your house (and we don’t mean what you wear for 5-a-side!), you might be able to sell it on for big money.


nintendo family computer

Vintage video games

Unfortunately, your current Xbox One and PS4 games are only going to depreciate in value, a fact that most people know if they’ve ever surveyed the trade-in section of their local games shop. Vintage games from the 1980s and 1990s are a different story, however.

The ultra-rare NES game Stadium Events sold for nearly $42,000 (£30,000) last year, a pulse-racing amount to stir gamers to look for any lingering classics in their cupboards. The game’s rarity stems from the fact that it was only available for a short amount of time before it was renamed and replaced by a game called World Class Track Meet.

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys

Small plastic toys aren’t necessarily what people come up with when thinking of the best things to collect to make money – but there is a vibrant and active collectors scene specialising in Happy Meal toys. The McDonald’s Changeables range of the late 1980s can fetch hundreds of pounds, while the complete Monsters Inc. toy range can fetch about £70. It can be baffling to some, but if you’ve got some of these toys in a long-forgotten box, be sure to double-check their value.

Here at Featonby’s, we auction off a huge array of collectibles every year. Why not come along to have your collectibles valued by our experts – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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