House Clearances: The Whats, Hows and Whys


House clearance services

When the time comes to say goodbye to a departed friend or family member, the practical and financial duties that follow can feel extremely daunting – and at Featonby’s, we pride ourselves on offering one vital support channel in these times as part of our holistic suite of auction house services.

House clearances are a sensitive but important step in this process – and today, we’re exploring the whats, hows and whys associated with this unique service to help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

What are house clearances?

House clearance services involve the safe, sensitive and respectful removal of belongings from a home, following such events as the passing of a loved one. At difficult and emotional times like these, the prospect of organising and carrying out removals yourself can be an overwhelming one. Thankfully, by seeking out the services of an experienced professional, this process can be taken care of in minimal time and with minimal disruption.

How does house clearance work?

Depending on your unique circumstances and needs, the house clearance process may vary.

With options ranging from partial and even full house clearances (in which some or all of the saleable items in the house are valued and sold at auction) to the disposal of any items which cannot be sold and even a complete, professional clean to ready the property for sale, house clearance companies like Featonby’s offer bespoke solutions to suit each individual customer.

In any house clearance, furniture, antiques, memorabilia and any other saleable collectibles are removed from the house, valued by a professional auctioneer and sold at auction for the highest possible price. From everyday items such as crockery and jewellery to rarer antiques and oddities including fine art paintings, retro appliances and old-school consoles, you’ll be amazed at the weird and wonderful range of items that can fetch a small fortune at auction – and house clearances make this possible.

Why choose house clearance services and auctions?

On top of the practical and emotional benefits of outsourcing your house clearance to an experienced removals team, there are also numerous financial benefits that come with this approach.

The costs associated with selling on any unwanted items one by one can really stack up when this responsibility is undertaken by an individual. Choosing a one-stop house clearance service, however, means you can be seamlessly guided through the process, enjoying a best-case outcome without having to shoulder the responsibility.

With professional valuations on all items removed from the home, house clearance auctions also mean that items are sold for no less than they’re truly worth – preventing rare or highly collectible items from being unknowingly undervalued or undersold.

House clearance services

If you’re on the hunt for a local house clearance company in the North East, look no further than Featonby’s. With an efficient, professional and understanding team, we’re ideally placed to support you throughout this process and help you to sell the right items for the right price at our auction house in North Shields, Tyne and Wear.

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