5 Vintage Decor Ideas to Add Retro Chic to Your Living Room

There’s nothing like a sense of nostalgia. It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling that you just can’t beat – and that’s why it makes sense to surround ourselves with some nostalgic items we love in our home.

Most of us spend much of our relaxation time in our living rooms, so it’s great to couple that nostalgic vibe with a room that makes us feel at ease. The vintage look isn’t for everyone, but those who do embrace it often enjoy being reminded of simpler times or happy memories of times gone by. Here are some vintage décor ideas for creating a trip down memory lane that’s as chic as it is sentimental.  

vase of flowers in front of vintage wallpaper


A floral, vintage design provides a perfect way to create that retro feel. Choose a floral wallpaper or perhaps some curtains to give your lounge a throwback to the past. Keep the surrounding aspects of your interior plain so they don’t fight against your floral patterns, making more of a feature of your chosen design.

If you’ve opted for a busy wallpaper, keep wall hangings to a minimum to keep the look stylish rather than cluttered. A striking mirror, some simple shelving or a carefully chosen picture can be all you need to complete the look.

Decorative plates

The very thought of displaying plates might make you think of grandma’s house; this is a truly retro look, but it can stay classy and contemporary if you do it well. Select your colour theme and add a mix of patterned and plain plates, along with a selection of sizes, so your collection looks cohesive yet varied. We often auction vintage porcelain and china, so be sure to check out this week’s lots to see what we have coming up.

One-off pieces

piano, rug, plant and brown leather chair

So far you might have created a vintage look using modern items, but you can’t beat the real thing. It’s easy to find vintage or antique furniture, art and other collectibles at our weekly or special auctions. Select some key pieces for your living room that you really love, and you’ll enjoy seeing them every day.

The joy of using genuine vintage or antique pieces is that there’s always a story behind them. You might like to imagine the era they came from, and who might have owned them and loved them before you – or you might just like to admire their beauty. Either way, they’ll add a unique touch to your vintage-style lounge and provide a great talking point with your guests.

Wooden wonders

There’s nothing like wooden items for creating that old-fashioned look. Of course, wood was around well before plastic, so it has a habit of making us feel comforted and helping your room to look older. Try using wooden internal doors, furniture, picture frames and windows to build a retro feel. Darker wood tends to look more old-fashioned, as does ornate carving. Well-worn pieces, chipped paintwork and elaborate handles can create a shabby chic look, too.


vintage-inspired interior design

Complete the vintage look with some carefully chosen lighting. A chandelier might add the perfect level of grandeur if you have a larger living room. For smaller rooms, consider wall lighting or lamps. Even a simple lamp can be dressed up with a retro shade to fit in with its surroundings. Choose from vintage-look or actual vintage lamp shades to create this look. Mix and match with different lamps around the room.

The key to creating an attractive, vintage-style living room is balance. Just like any other style of interior design, you need to choose colours, textures and patterns that compliment each other. Don’t overdo it, keep the clutter down and let one-off gems shine through. Get this right and your living room will stand out from the crowd! For more tips and style inspiration, dive into the Featonby’s blog.

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