Timeless Watches And Why You Should Wear One

Why Should You Wear A Watch?

The Synchronized watches on the officers’ wrists pointed to the fatal second that was planned for the attack. “Time!” The guns lifted in unison and bullets rained down. The company officers with their whistles as men rose from the trenches and rushed forward. Another attack timed to perfection. During World War I when soldiers tired of fishing around their pockets to find the ubiquitous pocket watch started wearing it on a bracelet on their wrists. Until then, a watch worn on a bracelet was considered strictly women’s fashion. Initially ridiculed by the public as a silly trend – wrist watches soon became the norm as their practicality made pocket watches obsolete.Borrowed Time

The regulator dial is one of those niche styles in the wristwatch world. It never really had a “moment” but it’s been around for quite a while, and many watch brands have, over the years, added at least one to their portfolios 

in the interests of broadening their appeal. However none have embraced the regulator style more than Chronoswiss, the boutique brand founded by German watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang in Munich in 1983 and currently owned and operated by Swiss entrepreneurs Oliver and Eva Ebstein. Now relocated to Lucerne, Switzerland  which had perhaps grown a bit too large and too diverse in its offerings in the several years prior, has put a renewed emphasis on the style that it introduced to the watch world when it launched its regulator-dial wristwatch in 1988.

What Makes A ‘True GMT’? 

At this moment in time, international travel might seem like a distant memory to many of us. However you’re someone who still spends time in the air, you might be performing a lot of mental math to keep track of what time it is at home. Or maybe you spend all of your time at a desk, but you’re no stranger to those long-distance video conferences that always pop up at the strangest hours. If you do you’ve likely accidentally said “good morning” to someone when it’s 9pm at their location or worse yet interrupted a colleague with a phone call during dinner.

Either way, as an ABTW reader, by now you’re probably thinking, “These situations call for a GMT watch!” Don’t rush out and buy one, though, as not all GMT watches are created equal. So-called “true” or “traveler’s GMT” watches operate very differently from what is referred to as “office GMT” watches. Some watch aficionados consider them equal, but among others, there is significant debate over which is superior. You might already have a preference, but if you’re not sure how they are different, let’s take a look.

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