Featonbys Hires new head of Fine Jewellery & Watches

Featonbys Hires new head of Fine Jewellery & Watches

As part of their growth and expansion Featonbys, are not only opening new offices in London & Gibraltar.  They have also recruited Jonathan Solomons as Head of their Fine Jewellery & Watch department.  Featonbys owner Mark Lane said “We are extremely pleased to welcome Jonathan to the team.  He is a great fit for us and with over 25 years in the Diamond and Jewellery business Jonathan brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the business.

Featonbys Rise Continues- Two new offices and a new Head of Fine Jewellery & Watches

Featonbys Auctioneers have a gone from humble beginnings as a provincial general auction house in a sleepy seaside town to a force in the Northeast high-end auction market.  Now as their growth and success continue, 2021 brings new offices in London and Gibraltar and the recruitment of a new Head for the Fine Jewellery and Watch department.

Father & Daughter team Mark and Casey Lane who run the business spoke to us earlier today.  Mark said “As a family business we have always wanted to make Featonbys the great auction house we always knew it had the potential to be.  Our customers both vendors and buyers alike are at the absolute core of what we do, and I always make sure Casey and the rest of the team know that.  We will never forget where we come from and pride ourselves on still taking just as much care with a £5 milk jug as we do with a £30000 Rolex.”

Casey adds “We have seen our customer base grow and grow in the last few years, in particularly during the pandemic where we noticed many more international buyers.  In the early days if we had item worth a £500 it was a huge deal, the auction would go silent almost at the shear excitement.  But now over the years where we have shown to our customers that we can deliver on the higher end items as well, we regular get items consigned in £20K, £30k  & £40+ range.

Mark continues “And as part of expansion plan, we knew we would need to take on more experts and with Jewellery and watches being one of our biggest departments we knew we had to get the right person to head up the team.  That’s why it is fantastic to welcome Jon to the business, as not only does he bring over 25 years of the Diamond, Jewellery and Watch industry.  He is also a great fit for the team and really understands the values we have here at Featonbys”

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