Featonby’s open up locations in London and Gibraltar

There is no holding back the ambitions of auction house Featonby’s.

Founded in 1923, Featonby’s has gone from strength to strength and is now opening two new locations to continue the growth particularly within fine art, porcelain, jewellery, and watches.

Mark Lane, Head Auctioneer explains;

“The business has had monumental growth in terms of customer base and the value of items this last 18 months; on top of this our move to online auctions has enabled us to gain world-wide reach. We’re now excited to announce that we are expanding and opening two locations in September to take the opportunity to maximise on this.”

Mark goes on to say:

“We’ve experience substantial rise in sales within fine jewellery and watches, so have made a strategic move to have a presence in Hatton Garden, London’s go to shopping destination for diamond jewellery and watches.

Also, to maximise on our success with fine art and porcelain, we have opened a new location in Gibraltar, where there is a keen seller and buyer base of these types of items.”


Sharing the new premises of Swan & Co Jewellers, Featonby’s will provide accessible and free valuation services for anyone who is considering selling items they own.

Jonathan Solomons, Head of their Fine Jewellery & Watches explains;

“We’re so excited to launch Featonby’s in Hatton Garden, place known to be the epicentre of fine jewellery.

Not only can you buy bespoke and stunning items from our new location, but you will also be able to have any existing items that you no longer want, valued and sold through auction.”


Situated at the Southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and a population of just over 33K, Gibraltar is well known for its love of porcelain and fine art.

Kelly Rocca, Manager Featonby’s Gibraltar explains;

“This is such a super exciting time for Featonby’s. Due to our global reach, already we have international customers, and we’re keen to open more locations to facilitate our growth.

We will be hosting a live auction in Gibraltar once a quarter and will be open throughout the week for free valuations.”

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