5 In-Demand Collectibles Coveted By Auctioneers

From retro games and vintage vinyl to antique china and furniture, there are a huge array of highly collectible items available at our auctions – but there are some that are coveted by collectors more than others. And this means you could be sitting on a treasure trove without even knowing it.

In today’s post, we’re shining a light on 5 of the most in-demand collectibles at auction, so you can discover if your unwanted items are in fact valuable collectible pieces perfect for going under the hammer.

vinyl records for auction

1. Rare vinyl

Despite obvious advances in technology when it comes to music, there is still a huge demand for vintage vinyl records, particularly rarer ones. If you’ve got a stash of old vinyl gathering dust in your attic, you could be pleasantly surprised to find they may hold some value at vinyl record auctions. From rare releases from The Beatles to early Elvis Presley records, music and vinyl-lovers are often on the lookout for vintage vinyl that can’t be found in high-street stores.

2. Retro games and consoles

Even though high-tech computers and games consoles are now ubiquitous in modern society, there are still plenty of people who love nothing more than reliving their childhood by playing retro games consoles. From vintage arcade machines with Pacman and Space Invaders to the first edition of the Sega Mega Drive, selling your classic game consoles and games at auction could be a great money earner considering they are sometimes thought of as obsolete.

3. Antique jewellery

As the nation’s love of vintage shows no signs of waning, it’s no surprise that collectors, fashionistas and auctioneers are on the lookout for antique jewellery. Whether it’s a decorative gold brooch from the 30s or retro costume necklaces, vintage jewellery is still very much an on-trend collectible – meaning there’s the potential to make a decent profit from selling antique jewellery at auction. However, keep in mind that the value isn’t just about age and demand, you’ll also need to factor in condition and scarcity, too.

4. Vintage porcelain and china

From pretty china tea sets to popular Lladro figurines, vintage porcelain and china pieces are considered highly collectible and always welcomed in the auction saleroom. With the opportunity to achieve decent sale prices – depending on the condition, rarity and market-demand – it’s advisable to seek some professional guidance to get a gauge on Lladro values and other antique chinaware. Tapping into the expert knowledge of experienced auctioneers like Featonby’s, who frequently sell pieces like Lladro at auction, will ensure you get a fair estimate and sale price.

antique furniture for auction

5. Antique furniture

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