Extremely Rare Aynsley 1931 Butterfly handle B1399. Tea service 20 pieces

Extremely Rare Aynsley 1931 Butterfly handle B1399

During our Sunday specialist sale on the 5th of September we had a very exclusive customer, this fantastic item was purchase by a lady from Featonby’s in Whitley bay 40 years ago for around £60-80 and we told her they were in good condition. She replies ‘I had no idea how! As I have moved house 3 times in 40 years.’ 

Its amazing how these rare items have survived and ended up back were they started. When the item went up to auction we auctioned them to an online live buyer living in Thailand for £2100. 

A Short History of Aynsley China 

The Aynsley brand was established by John Aynsley (I) in 1775, in a small workshop in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Not much is known about John Aynsley’s early life, but it is likely his parents were semi-elite landowners who helped him set up his Longton factory at the age of 23. Indicating he was at first a china decorator rather than a manufacturer and the company eventually moved into china production. Although accounts vary with regards to the date. Some suggest manufacturing began as early as 1776, while others suggest 1788 as a more likely date. However that by 1810 Aynsley and Company were producing their own china on Flint Street in Longton. Specializing in lusterware, by the time of his death in 1829 John Aynsley was credited with popularizing this type of porcelain “through the whole of the district”.

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