Memorabilia Auctions: Buying a Piece of Pop Culture

old vinyl records for sale

Here at Featonby’s, we appreciate that owning a piece of history means different things for different people – with some of us wanting to source artefacts from before our time and others keen to collect memories from our youth. Whether you’re a film fanatic, a vinyl record collector or a super sports fan, at one of our auctions, you can take home a piece of memorabilia that’s personal to you.

Today, we’re dusting off the best items from years gone by. From original film posters to old vinyl records for sale, at a Featonby’s auction, you can own your very own piece of pop culture. Let’s find out more.

Screen and sound

For film buffs, there are few things more exciting than owning a genuine piece of a movie set, while music lovers might have spent their life searching for a first-edition vinyl. Whether it’s TV, music or movie memorabilia you’re in search of, you can get one step closer to sourcing your own piece of pop culture with Featonby’s.

With vinyl record auctions, you can often find a variety of options – which include individual old records for sale, as well as bulk lots. Whether you’re on the hunt for original film posters from your all-time favourite movie, a genuine still from a TV show or a 12” you thought you’d never find, you never know what will turn up at one of our auctions – which just makes them all the more interesting!

old vinyl records

A slice of sporting history

Thanks to the huge number of varied sporting events spanning across the decades, it might be easier than you think to become the proud owner of a slice of sporting history. From vintage equipment through to clothing, we are proud to feature a range of sports memorabilia at our auctions. If you’re keen to bag yourself a collectible from an iconic game, team or player, or are simply looking for a taste of yesteryear, look out for sports memorabilia at one of our upcoming auctions!

Collectible comics

With comic-books-turned-films hitting the big screen over the last few decades, graphic novels have never been more popular. Whether you’re a supporter of Marvel or are DC ‘til you die, comic book lovers will agree there’s nothing quite as satisfying as owning a first edition. From first appearances to popular deaths, collectors can’t wait to get their hands on their favourite comics – and with our auctions, you never know what might be going under the hammer next!

comic books

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