Antiques and Collectibles

Featonby’s is the premier auction house in the North East, with extensive expertise in antiques and collectables. We stock an eclectic and ever-changing mix of fine art, glass, porcelain and jewellery at our specialised auctions that take place throughout the year, as well as contemporary, antique and vintage furniture in a range of different styles.

We also stock one of a kind collectible items such as sporting memorabilia, games and stamp collections – and even antique manuscripts and first-edition books. Our in-house expert team of auctioneers and valuers have a keen eye for spotting rare and valuable items, and it is these lots that are kept to one side for the specialised auctions. These popular sales take place in our very own antique auction house, with advance bids taken online, attracting a national audience to our auction room right here in North Shields.

To follow the auction live, please visit the Saleroom.

Please note that we will only take advance bids on our website.

Types of items which appear in our specialised auction:

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Porcelain and China
Fine Art
  • In the 17th century, ‘candle auctions’ were popular. At the start of an auction, a candle would be lit and the length of the bidding process was determined by when the candle had burnt out. This created a sense of suspense and anticipation, as nobody quite knew when the final bid would be made. Lucky for you, the bidding process at Featonby’s is much more straightforward!
  • An item is technically classified as an antique if it is at least one hundred years old and is of high quality and collectability. On the other hand, vintage items are more than twenty years old but less than one hundred years old.


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