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Photography is possibly today’s most popular and creative art form. It is a competitive industry to be in and is one that is admired by many. Photography has transformed how we see and capture images. It was once an incredibly expensive art form that required a lot of time and equipment. Today however one only needs a camera to produce stunning images in seconds. 

The first public photographic process was introduced by Louis Dageurre and made commercially available in 1839. Photography has come a long way since then with exposure time only needing a fraction of a second rather than minutes. As well as this the forms of media used are far more convenient. Roll films and memory cards makes it possible for even the most amateur photographer to incorporate this form of art into their lives.

By the time the 19th century came around photography was beginning to replace paintings as a preferred form of art. Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen were fundamental making this change by helping the world recognise that photography could be a form of art and not just a way of keeping records. 

The 90’s brought photography into a league of its own after digital cameras were introduced. This revolutionised photography by making it accessible to almost everyone.