Chairs & Sofas

Chairs and sofas are a popular choice of item at auction, in particular collectible pieces. There are many collectors of furniture who wish to take care of items long term and finding the right piece of furniture can be of real joy to a person. 

Furniture goes in and out of fashion depending on the year and what collectors are looking for at the time. There are however a number of eras that are of interest including the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Furniture during these periods had a unique look and feel. Retro and vintage furniture including chairs and sofas from these periods can sell extremely well at auction. 

Collectors are also interested in period pieces from 18th century to mid 20thcentury. Popular items include antique dining chairs, French armchairs, antique armchairs, art deco chairs, antique stools and antique sofas.  

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