Glass is a form of art that people of all ages can appreciate. We are always on the lookout for glass antiques to feature in our live auction. We are interested in everything from collector’s glass to French Art Décor glass. There are a great deal of popular glassmakers, and some of their work would be ideal for our specialised auctions.

Popular glassmakers include:

  • Lalique
  • Jobling
  • Vasart
  • Monart
  • Murano
  • Dale Chihuly

Lalique & Jobling

Glass items and decorations are a very popular item for our specialised auctions. We welcome sellers of all types, from 19th century French art deco glass from artists such as René Lalique who was known for his glass art, perfume bottles, vases, chandeliers and more, up to local artists such as Jobling who operated on the banks of the river Tyne, where glass factories such as Jobling Glassworks were prolific. Interestingly, Jobling actually approached Lalique in Paris for an offer to collaborate but was denied, and continued to manufacture replicas of his work, being inspired to take these pieces in his own direction.


Vasart is another popular glassmaker whose pieces we welcome at our auctions. This was later rebranded Strathearn Art Glass, when it was bought out by whiskey distillers Teachers, following the success of the ‘squashed’ whiskey bottle, turned ash tray in 1963 when this was gifted to Mr A K Bergius of the whisky company following an accident where it had been left in a potter’s oven. For more information about Vasart and Strathearn please visit:

Murano glass

Murano glass gets its name from the island Murano, which is located in the Venetian Lagoon of northern Italy. Even in modern days, they employee the same techniques which have been refined over centuries of expertise with talented artisans and glass makers. Easily recognised for its bright colours and intricate designs, the Murano glass category covers everything from contemporary art glass to glass figurines and chandeliers made using multi-coloured glass and enamelled glass.

Monart Glass

Monart Glass is popular for its use of colour, and usually these are distinctive large pieces made by hand. Unusual for its distinctive iridescent white decoration in the earlier pieces, which was ironically caused by an impurity with the gas supply, which had later been fixed despite its growing in popularity for this notable characteristic. Therefore, Paul Ysart found ways of reproducing this effect after WW2 to resemble Monart’s original earlier pieces. Popular for a range of handmade decorative items such as flower holders and fruit bowls (the most common Monart objects) to table lamps and ceiling light bowls.

Dale Chihuly

American glass maker Dale Chihuly, is a contemporary glass sculptor born 1941, known for his unique glass blowing skills, in particular large scale glass sculptures. Commended for using the traditional, yet technically difficult glass blowing techniques, Chihuly has been using these to create modern art installations and large scale environmental artwork.

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