Porcelain and China

Porcelain and China

Porcelain and China

For our specialised auctions we sell porcelain and china across the board. We have everything from British manufacturers including Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby to Mintons which is popular for their majolica wear. We also look for and sell 1930’s porcelain and china from the likes of Clarice Cliff.

On its origin

Decorated porcelain first originated in China over 1000 years ago. Porcelain from china was held in such high regard that in the 1100’s it was only shipped to Europe to the wealthiest customers. It was also referred to as “china” in reference to the country it originated from. 

High demand of the famous porcelain led to potteries in Europe trying to figure out the formula that China used. By 1712 though a French Jesuit Father who had visited China published their secrets to porcelain making, giving Europe the opportunity to produce their own fine porcelain.

Porcelain company Meissen produced Europe’s first hard-paste porcelain in 1710. It is still a sought after porcelain by collectors and is renowned for its resistance to thermal shock. The early 1700’s saw experimentation with soft-paste porcelain and French company Chantilly was born in 1730.

In 1748 bone china was developed in England to compete with hard-paste and soft-paste porcelain. Bone china was traditionally made from two parts bone-ash, one part kaolin and one part china stone. 


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