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Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester, manufactured since 1751, is one of the most popular items you’ll find at any antique auction house – including at Featonby’s. From tea canisters and plates to mugs, vases and figurines, Royal Worcester has produced a wide variety of porcelain products since its inception in the mid-18th century. Now, in 2018, the brand is synonymous with high-end porcelain wares for the home – and is still headquartered in Worcester, England (though production has moved out of its historical home).

History of Royal Worcester

Founded on the banks of the River Severn by an ambitious group of 13 local businessmen, Royal Worcester soon made its mark on the wealthy – finding its way into the homes of the aristocracy and the middle classes. In fact, the outstanding quality and unique designs of Royal Worcester porcelain even attracted the attention of Buckingham Palace, with the brand receiving a Royal Warrant in 1789 – granted by an impressed King George III, following an official visit to the factory.

At its height, the firm employed around 1,000 people, but this declined up until it finally went into administration in 2008. The name was purchased by Portmeirion Pottery in 2009, but production was moved out of Worcester to their factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Today, it’s their vintage products that fetch the highest price at auction.

Collectible Royal Worcester items

At auction, Royal Worcester china and porcelain can go for anything between £1,000 and £30,000, depending on the design. The most popular collectibles are those with hand-painted fruits on, usually produced in the 20th century by esteemed Worcester painters such as Richard Sebright, Harry Ayrton, Kitty Blake and Thomas Lockyer. Other coveted Royal Worcester collectibles include those made by the Stintons in the 19th century – with their products being renowned for scenes containing highland cattle and game bird.

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Our North Shields auctions (just a short trip away from Newcastle-upon-Tyne) see a range of different antiques and collectibles come through our doors – including Royal Worcester plates, mugs, dinnerware, decorations and other porcelain and china from this beloved brand. As a seller, we’ll ensure you get the best price when we put your lots under the gavel. As a buyer, you can bid in person, at our North East-based antique auction house, or online – either live at thesaleroom or via our site’s advanced bids system.

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