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Wedgwood was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood. Referred to as the “Father of English Potters” Wedgwood produces fine china, porcelain and other luxury items. Josiah Wedgwood started off an independent potter at the age of 29 and spent his time experimenting with clay.

By 1766 Wedgwood had created a new form of earthenware that requires low firing. The British Queen consort was impressed so much by the creation that she officially labelled it “Queens Ware”. This development gave Wedgwood a newly respected status making it one of the most sought out producers of china and porcelain. 

Wedgwood continues to impress collectors and continues to rise in success and popularity. The management of the company to this date is still ran by many of Josiah Wedgwood’s descendants. In 1986 Wedgwood was purchased by Waterford Glass Group renaming the company Waterford Wedgwood.