Our House Clearance Services | Featonby's North East Auction House

House Clearances

Featonby’s have over 3,000 square feet of space for our auction galleries to take place. We also have additional storage upstairs.

We provide a range of services to our customers including house clearances. These are often carried out after a loved one has passed you may need help to get rid of their belongings. A house clearance ensures that the items are removed from the home and that they are sold for the best possible price. Featonby’s will sell all that they can including furniture, paintings, crockery, antiques, collectables and much more. For a more detailed list please see our wanted page.

Services we provide for house clearances include:

  • Full and partial house clearances
  • The disposal of none saleable items
  • The option to have your home cleaned by our cleansing team. This ensures that the property is ready to go on the market
  • Garden tidy ups

For more information please get in touch.