Professional valuations are crucial for establishing the true value of an item, and whether or not a rare or precious item is being undervalued. We wince when we hear stories of valuable items being sold for next to nothing, when a big payday could have been around the corner for honest sellers. On the other hand, we would never overmark a poor-quality or fake antique, as doing so would undermine the integrity of the whole trade – and we hold an outstanding reputation in our region for providing accurate valuations. This is the reason why our valuers work with the utmost rigour, to ensure the proper price is applied to every item that passes through our doors.

From musical instruments to artworks and sculpture, we never know exactly what will come through our doors next – and that means our team of valuers have seen it all, and will use that expertise to give your item a correct and market-viable value.

If you have any belongings that you want valued, our in-house team of art and antique valuers here at Featonby’s are happy to help. As one of the premier auction houses in the North East, our staff have decades of experience across a wide range of collectibles and items.

Our valuation services include:

  • Probate valuations
  • Furniture valuations
  • Insurance valuations
  • Fine art valuations
  • Painting valuations
  • Clock & timepiece valuations
  • Jewellery valuations

Pre-auction valuations and appraisals can be undertaken by appointment within our auction galleries or in the comfort of your own home – the choice is yours! Get in touch today to find out more.

Alternatively, browse the rest of our site to get a better idea about how our auction process works, the kinds of lots we sell, and much more – including our dedicated house clearance service for the Newcastle area.


Number plates are a common sight at auctions in the far east, as they are considered status symbols amongst the super-rich. In Hong Kong, a plate bearing the number 23 (which sounds like ‘to prosper’ or ‘easy’ in Cantonese) sold for an eye-watering $2.3 million…

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